Philiatros, "Friends of Medicine"

Fig tree bud “piercing” the wood


"Friends of Medicine"

One of the main qualities of “stem cells” or embryonic cells that are undifferentiated, used in Gemmotherapy which are at the source of the bud, is to detect physiological problems and possibly to be able to repair them. Gemmotherapy is not a drug but Embryotherapy , an embryonic medicine using buds, rootlets, young shoots, inner bark of stems or roots, all parts of plants in growth, multiplication, renewal, cell creation . Everything that contributes to the youth of the organs. These are these  virtues offered by Embryotherapy:  first a draining effect on certain organs, then a renewal effect on our cells.

 Buds are never sick

There is a notion that could summarize -briefly- Embryotherapy is that of adaptogen but to be more precise because this notion speaks to us of plants that restore the immune balance without having specific functions on the organism, we could more precisely speak of a plant " philiatros" from the Greek phylos (friends) and iatros (doctor), this Greek etymology resonates with our medical culture, with Hippocrates and his " primum non nocere ": first do no harm , Galen in Rome in the 2nd century up to the visionary Hildegarde Von Bingen, Paracelsus and also Goethe who certainly have in common to have expressed their intuition, their feelings towards nature, this plant complicity which allows the understanding of plants through our commonalities that indicate a common creative source. This is found visually with the theory of signatures but also physically, organically with, among other things, body perfumes in common with the plant.

Since it is necessary to compare, unlike synthetic drugs, not recognized by our body and with which the doctor must assess the benefit / risk for each patient and each pathology, Gemmotherapy which is not a drug but a " philiatros" , - which is recognized by our body - has no side effects because it has no primary effects. Understand that it is primarily interested in repairing the physiological and psychological emergency by participating in drainage and then cell renewal, it does not really have a specific function and is anything but "primary" or even secondary.


Gemmotherapy, Embryotherapy

 Plant embryotherapy , cells that we have in common with plants and that our body recognizes as its own or as companion cells: Auxins, Gibberelines. This notion of recognition is essential because it avoids any secondary effect (in fact, undesirable effects), moreover, it does not have either a primary effect attached to a cure, it is first of all a work of drainage , we could say of cleaning which will then allow to renew more quickly new cells full of life and thanks to this new youth the body will be able to protect itself,  the " philiatros " is an internal clinician who can drain and thanks to this drainage the body will correct certain imbalances. Some plant embryo cells have a particular tropism, orientation or specialization or even several draining specializations and others are highly specialized.

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