Manufacturing and quality

The manufacture of mother macerates in Gemmotherapy is not in itself very complex, it involves a cold maceration energized for 21 days in different solvents (water, 96% alcohol, vegetable glycerin and/or honey) which will each take different components from the plant. The real challenge and novelty in herbal medicine and which gives all its nobility to these macerations is the harvest. Neither too early nor too late, the decisive moment of budburst is largely responsible for the qualitative success of the mother macerates and each year, like a vintage, brings different qualities like certain wines whose composition is ultimately quite similar (glycerin, water , alcohol). 

To further improve each unit mother macerates we followed the advice of Hildegarde von Bingen on blackcurrant: it is a bud which increases the power of other plants to which it is added. This virtue has been confirmed by Doctor Pol Henry and we therefore use it in each unit at a dose of 5% associated with Hazelnut at 5% also and which has the same virtue of potentiality. This “system” has already given good empirical feedback.

Hippocrates' adage: " first do no harm " is inscribed on our "temple of Apollo" as was his " know thyself ". The side effects of Gemmotherapy are extremely limited, probably because there is no real primary effect, the undifferentiated cells do not act directly but indirectly through our own cells by draining then encouraging their reproduction and self-healing. 

We can clearly see that certain plants used in essential oils or mother tinctures can become difficult to dose, which is not the case in Gemmotherapy. Juniper, for example, has shown no toxic effects (damage to the kidneys) unlike mother tinctures or essential oils.