Gemmessence Mycelia

Mycelia were the great novelty of 2022 for Gemmessence, and thanks to the method of liquid maceration, the bioavailability of active ingredients is maximum, our body itself being around 72% liquid. The number of studies on mushrooms is increasingly high and reaches peaks with more than 3000 for the oyster oyster mushroom ( Pleurotus ostreatus ) the Reishi with more than 2000 ( Ganoderma lucidum) and the Tramete with more than 1000 ( Trametes versicolor , the small mushrooms in the presentation photo) the latter being able to reduce benign and malignant tumors and has already been used (officially approved) since the 1990s in China and Japan and already has a multi-millennium history in Asia as well than in all the part of the temperate zone of the North where it is omnipresent whether in North America or in Europe.

   The unique feature of mushrooms is their ability to regenerate polluted environments in nature, whether due to hydrocarbons, heavy metals and even radioactivity ...  they initiate a new life in any degraded organism, and act in the same way on us,  it is perhaps thanks to their seniority on earth: 2.4 billion years or else thanks to their biodiversity: 1 million 1/2 varieties… which leaves one wondering about the potential for discoveries among other medical ones. There is also their particularly high adaptogenic character, around 50%, which is comparable to the most powerful plants of the Ashwaganda type or for those who know certain very important enzymes such as bromelain, natokinase, papain, serrapeptase and many more. 

Here are proposed 12 particularly active and beneficial Mycelia for certain "common" pathologies of our societies. Most will solve problems around gastroenterology as well as in cardiology and vascular pathologies, the systems from which our societies suffer greatly. Next come endocrinology (hormones), gynecology , hematology (cancerology and systemic disease,) dermatology , then neurology , rheumatology and even psychiatry .

     For connoisseurs, this is the mycelia (root part) which is used and not the carpophore which is the external visible part  which also has virtues of course and even certain vitamins which are not present in the mycelium but the components known to have the most powerful action: polysaccharides (beta-glucans) are in greater proportion in the mycelia.

  The other novelty for 2023 is already visible and is growing every month, it is the Ayurvedic and tropical plants which will be the subject of another article.

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