The Tree and Man: Reunions and Intricacies

By Diana,

A look at the Project and the Gemmessence site

The Tree and the Man are inseparable since the birth of this humanity.
They carry in common the verticality, this movement of elevation which we believed for a long time to be specific to the human race, but which, in a more subtle way, seems to characterize all the kingdoms, the planet, and more broadly the Universe… and the Universe.

They also each carry the horizontal deployment, the expansion, whether external such as the conquest of territories - land, sea, space - or internal - the deployment of the Self, of the Consciousness, of the Heart...

The Tree, by its power of elevation, by its deep terrestrial roots and the celestial slenderness of its foliage, unites Earth and Heaven in a single movement.
In this the Tree of Life symbolizes the power of transformation of Nature in its infinite cycles of death, rebirth, abundance.
Similarly, the Human on the way shares these spirals of evolution through successive moults and bifurcations.
At all times, the Shamans of each civilization have come to pray to the Master Trees and to dialogue. These were then venerated, respected, loved for their immemorial Wisdom, their elevated Consciousness, their Strength and support.

The mythological stories of each civilization are the founders of the human psyche. Ovid's Metamorphoses are one of many examples of this, which have been taken up in literary and artistic works over the centuries.
Applied to nature and to humans, metamorphosis is a process of transmutation, of alchemization, authorizing new models of organization, creation, intelligence.
This is how the whole of humanity grows in consciousness, whether it likes it or not, with resistances that Nature does not know!

By choosing, to wear Gemmessence, an engraving by a 16th century artist illustrating one of these Tree/Man metamorphoses, Thierry Demarquest, beyond mythology, expresses the profound Unity and Union that has always existed between Tree-Nature and the Human.
It allegorically recalls our common belonging to the Earth, this planet that we still hardly inhabit, and to the Universe, an inexhaustible point of attraction because our Origin is of cosmic Essence!

We have today a much more thorough scientific knowledge of the universe, of the infinitely small and the infinitely large, but impoverished, for many still, in Consciousness of Love.
The choice of this engraving which hybridizes and merges our body and the living that is nature, makes the link between a past that has become legendary of Wisdom and Harmony and the recent discovery of the processes of the Living at work in organisms, the bodies, the planet, the universe…

In the unity of these two Great Bodies and Kingdoms, Gemmessence engages in the Moult which awakens in all living beings.
It finally becomes possible to reintegrate the intuitive knowledge - Wisdom or science of the Soul - which had deserted this humanity, and to enlighten it with contemporary knowledge.
We are here very far from “ecology”, shredded and exploited by so many games of political, economic and financial power.
We are at the dawn of a new Intimacy with the Living, of a weaving of cooperation, intelligence, strategies of care and protection, autonomy, elevation, Beauty, Consciousness and Love…and a Peace to be found.

To the natural and poetic elegance of the "logo-engraving", is added the beauty of the visuals of the Gemmessence site, the colors that speak of life at work, of its effervescence, its delicacy and its power... Unfolding of a leaf, of a bud, evocation, by this orange "soup of buds", of the "primitive soup of life" of the astrophysicists of the 70s/80s about the formation of the universe... 

Thus, Thierry Demarquest places himself at the forefront of a NEW RELATION, of an almost EMBRYONAL INTRICATION with the living that everything is. This entanglement being shared, in different forms, with all the kingdoms.

I also see in it a return to the Good, to the Beautiful, to the True as well as to Harmony and to the Essence, not to reproduce a past… past, but to inaugurate new creations and readings of these eternal Values.
A possible return today, after multiple detours to move away from it and to have explored and transgressed all its limits.

In this, its project and its site are integrated into this fundamental movement, discreet and unalterable, which reactivates the Fundamentals from an Adult Human Consciousness, responsible, sovereign, welcoming the infinite expressions of Life on Earth and in the world. 'Universe.


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