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Ficus carica, Fig tree (bud)

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    The buds  of Fig trees are versatile, they are recognized as anti-stress acting on disorders of the nervous system and on gastrointestinal disorders as well as on psychosomatic disorders which are linked to the other two.

    This macerate of Fig tree buds is certified organic by Ecocert (FR-BIO-01) and  100% guaranteed  harvested and processed by us. At least 500 different varieties of fig trees are used to make this macerate.


    Always take between meals (at least 15 minutes)

    1-For an acute physiological problem

    15 drops twice a day at sunrise and at bedtime.

    2-For a physiological problem of medium intensity

    10 drops twice a day at sunrise and at bedtime.

    3-For prevention or maintenance (without particular pathology)

    5 drops twice a day at sunrise and at bedtime.

    Precautions for use

    There are no contraindications to the use of gemmotherapy but certain precautions:

    Avoid the use of gemmotherapy in people with alcohol withdrawal or epilepsy.

    Respect the maximum dosage of 5 drops per day of gemmotherapy extract

    concentrated in pregnant women.

    Do not give buds with a hormonal action (bilberry, raspberry, sequoia, oak) to a pregnant woman or to a woman with a history of hormone-dependent cancer.

    In children under 15, respect a dosage of 1 drop per 10 kg of body weight per day.

    2.2 Tips:

    Fig Tree Gemmotherapy can be taken over the long term 3 weeks out of 4.

    For ear infections ( do not use this method in case of a pierced eardrum) :

    While lying down, with the body in profile, put a drop of Gemmessence Fig tree macerate in the ear, being sure that it reaches the eardrum (a slight dry obstruction sound confirms this). Stay at least 5 minutes in this position then put a handkerchief in front of the ear to sponge before proceeding on the other ear, morning and evening for 3 days.

    For ulcers:

    Figuier Gemmessence Gemmotherapy can begin to help healing from the first 3-week treatment, but total healing can occur after 1 year of taking or even 2 years.

    For other instructions:

    You can take the Fig tree macerate internally over the long term, always for 3 weeks, stop for a week and then resume.

    It is a bud of both positive energy and meditation.

    The Ficus carica has successfully adapted to cold temperate zones in a spectacular way!

    It is this adaptability that we experience when taking Fig tree macerate, we can better withstand difficult life conditions by putting events into perspective. Many other Fig trees are used in popular medicine or by Shamans to open up knowledge of other plants: they are "teacher" plants thanks to which it is not useful to know other plants since these Ficus make it possible to discover the best plants suitable for healing a particular sick person (Ojé, Ficus insipia / insipidia)

    Ficus religiosa has been used in India since time immemorial by all the “wise men” to help with meditation.

    Main indications

    Psychosomatic disorders, neurovegetative system, (cortico-diencephalic axis, hypotalamic)

    Gastrointestinal disorders, stomach, duodenum, colon.

    I. General ailments:

    Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)

    Post traumatic syndromes (asthenia, headache, dizziness)

    Overwork, stress, hyperactivity, psychosomatic disorders

    electromagnetic pollution

    adolescent polyarthritis

    II. Cardiovascular system:

    Cardiac arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, intracranial hematomas,

    III. Skin apparatus:

    Acne, sun allergy, necrosis, furunculosis, paronychia, sinusitis

    IV. Pro-genital apparatus:

    Amenorrhea, female and male infertility

    V. Digestive system

    appetite regulator, aerophagia, gastric and duodenal mucosa healing, colitis, irritable colon, intestinal dysbiosis, digestive migraines, reflux esophagitis, duodenal and gastroduodenal ulcer,

    VI. Central nervous system

    Psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, bulimia nervosa, restless legs syndrome, stress with visceral somatization, headaches, depression, neurosensory rebalancing, emotional, neurovegetative and psychosomatic disorders.

    VII. Ocular System

    Conjunctivitis, stye.

    VIII. Respiratory system

    Nasopharyngitis (adult), rhinitis

    IX. ENT system

    Otitis (in direct application in the ear)

    1.2.Indications at the mental level

    Cortico-hypothalamic main axis

    Hormone regulator

    Emotional disorders, depressive states, existential depression, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders

    Helps to accept some difficult moments in life

    The Fig tree is not present in the Bach flowers because the flowering is not visible, it is hidden in the fruit.

    There is still a lot of research to be done on the mental effect of the Fig tree which is both desire , knowledge and spirituality.


    Latin name:

    Ficus carica


    The Fig tree is a tree of uncertain origins but probably tropical if we consider its particular silhouette and its instantaneous adaptability when transferred to the tropics. It is indeed a bush shrub tree that grows thanks to the heat and not by the effect of the lengthening of the days at the winter solstice unlike all our other fruit trees. Among the large family of Ficus (700 different taxa) it is the only one to have achieved the feat of adaptation in temperate zones and succeeded in going dormant in winter by withstanding temperatures down to -20° C and in creating an additional fructification of delayed figs improperly called "Flower Figs" instead of "Delayed Figs".

    Employee part:

    Let's move in the spring

    Habitat :

    almost all land, "head in the sun and feet in the water"


    “Ficus”: Latin “ Ficatum ” the liver, in Antiquity in Egypt, geese were force-fed with figs.


    The fig tree is a tree that visually combines both the masculine: the figs are the testicles, and the feminine: the figs when they split are the female sex, the Greeks in antiquity called the female sex fig (see Aristophanes ) and the Italians always call this one “Fica”. There are many allusions to sex around the fig tree in Mediterranean culture and what is contradictory with this sexual exposure of the fig tree is that all its reproduction is done hidden in the fruit to the point that Linnaeus in the 18th century will classify the fig tree in the cryptograms, the plants whose sexuality is invisible, hidden in the crypt! In short, one could say like man.

    This visible double sexuality of the fig tree is an organic reality: it is a hermaphroditic tree.

    The signature or similarity theory assumes that a fruit is particularly beneficial for the part of the body it resembles. Thus, it is proven that the fig promotes the production of spermatozoa; however, the fig tree is a latex plant, whose white liquid resembles sperm or milk. In general, all latex plants are of interest to ancient peoples, for example the case of lettuce, which the Egyptians associated with fertility.

    Universal dictionary of simple drugs, containing their names, origin,

    choices, principles, virtues, etimology, & what is particular in the

    animals, in plants, & in minerals

    By Nicolas Lémery (1645-1715) and Antoine de Jussieu (1686-1758)


    Extract from the Diderot d'Alembert encyclopedia volume II (1752) p.453a authors:

    Daubenton, Vandenesse

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