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Castanea sativa, Chestnut (bud)

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    Castanea sativa

    The buds  of Chataignier are recognized as much for their action on the venous circulation as on the lymphatic system (varicose veins, oedemas, heavy legs)

    This chestnut bud macerate is certified organic by Ecocert (FR-BIO-01) and  100% guaranteed  harvested and processed by Gemmessence. 


    1-For an acute physiological problem

    15 drops twice a day at sunrise and at bedtime.

    2-For a medium-intensity physiological problem

    10 drops twice a day at sunrise and at bedtime.

    3-For prevention or maintenance (without particular pathology)

    5 drops twice a day at sunrise and at bedtime.

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    Main indications

    Venous and lymphatic circulation, varicose veins, edema, heavy legs


    I. General ailments:

    Asthenia, Lack of appetite, Cellulite, General detoxifier,

    II. Skin apparatus:

    Cellulitis, Baldness, Eczema, Peri-ulcerative eczematous erythema of the lower limbs, Varicose ulceration, Scarring of ulcers and wounds of the lower limbs.

    III. Urogenital system:

    Spasmodic dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome (associated with Malus communis the apple tree and Rubus idaeus the raspberry tree)

    IV. Digestive system :

    Colitis, Ulcerative rectolitis (associated with Ficus carica when the cause is possibly psychosomatic)

    V. Lymphatic system:

    Lymphatic oedema, lymphatic insufficiency, lymphatic disorders of the lower limbs

    VI. Respiratory system :

    Bronchial disorders (bronchial thinner), Whooping cough, cough sedative,

    VII. Vascular system :

    Drainage of the venous system, Varicose erythema, Venous disorders of menopause, Edema, Varicose veins, Trombophlebitis, Hemorrhoids, Venous insufficiency, Raynaud's disease,

    1.2.Indications at the mental level

    Bach flowers: helps restore hope and inner strength


    Latin name:

    Castanea sativa


    The genus Castanea includes about thirty species

    Employee part:

    Let's move in the spring

    Habitat :

    Present almost everywhere, it is a bio indicator of acid or at least neutral soils


    From Greek “Kastaneia”, Sanskrit “Kastha”


    The chestnut tree is related to the nymph Nea, the chaste Nea “Castanea”

    Extract from the Diderot d'Alembert encyclopedia volume II (1752) p.453a authors:

    Daubenton, Vandenesse




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