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Whithania somnifera, Ashwaganda (root)

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    Whithania somnifera

    A major plant in Ayurveda, Ashwaganda "which has the smell of a horse" relates the energizing virtues and sexual vitality of a horse! In short, it is Indian Ginseng which is even recommended for pregnant women because it helps stabilize the fetus.

    For this traditional medicine, these roots have virtues on general fatigue, nervous exhaustion, insomnia and memory loss, aging problems, sexual weakness, overwork, rheumatism, anemia, sterility, skin conditions, convalescence, inflammation of the lymph nodes...

    1400 studies since the 1990s.

    Studies :

    -Neurodegenerative diseases (1,2)

    -Memory, cognitive function (3, 7)

    -menopause (4)

    -Improved sleep (5.7)

    -Improved recovery after intense physical effort (6, 7)

    -Schizophrenia, chronic stress, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, (7)

    -Male and female infertility (7)

    -Rheumatoid arthritis (7)

    -Growth promoter in children (7)

    -Type 2 diabetes (7)

    -Chemopreventative (7, 8)

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