The laboratory

Prunus amygdalis, an almond tree in flower
Transform plants while preserving their deep nature and
their virtues have been a constant quest of herbal medicine since
antiquity, surely to preserve our nature and sometimes also
to reveal it.

The Gemmessence Laboratory researches the best methods
preservation of this wealth by accompanying the nature of the
cultivation of plants until their transformation to offer a
Quality artisanal and organic gemmotherapy. The research
focuses on synergies and the multiplicity of cultivars
used within the same species as with the Fig Tree (600
varieties) the Apple tree (200 varieties) the same for Blackcurrant,
Rosemary, Oak, etc... The assembly of all these different
subtleties reveals a unique organic richness which allows a
better assimilation of their virtues in our body.

The identity of the Gemmessence laboratory is represented by Myrrha
transforming into an incense tree, the Boswélia which symbolizes
connection to spiritual forces, but also to the disappearance of
pain is the constant motivation of Gemmessence.
Cultivate, Harvest, Transform
Gemmessence crops for herbal medicine in the Lot valley. The tree is here the basis of all cultures and structures the landscape by
enriching biodiversity through the basic food chain.
Gemmessence is a herbal medicine laboratory specializing in food supplements and Gemmotherapy, from plant cultivation to processing. Proximity with plants and nature is essential to understanding certain properties, interactions and "correspondences" with humans which can provide lasting physical and psychological well-being.

The majority of plants are cultivated and the search for different cultivars/varieties within a taxon (the same species) is a permanent motivation (nearly a thousand different varieties).

The biodiversity protected by Gemmessence is potentially unlimited: collections of Figs, Oaks, Rosemary, Blackcurrants, etc... this biodiversity is found entirely in the glycerin macerate. Cultivating as many plants as possible used for preparations helps protect nature and offer high-quality macerates.