One of the Gemmessence plots with a hedge planted with rosemary used for gemmotherapy and hydrosols.

After creating the Figues du Monde nursery (more than 500 varieties of fig trees) and a fruit variety conservatory (300 other varieties), Thierry Demarquest created the Gemmessence Laboratory in 2018, out of a passion for plants and for phytotherapy but also for offer a range of quality food supplements due to their traceability and by cultivating as many plants as possible in what can be called organic Gemmoculture. Thus there is no pressure on natural spaces and the pickings are done by 2 people only and even if the range is not complete in gemmotherapy, the buds which are offered are picked at the most favorable period for their growth. use.


Calluna vulgaris
The plot where Callune or common heather is harvested. This plot located in the Landes is an example of ecological management.

IMG_9633.jpg Castanea sativa
The plot where the chestnut buds are harvested .

Juniperus communis
The plot where the Juniper tree is harvested on the sunny slopes of the Causses du Lot at around 300 m altitude on a harsh terroir, where the thickness of the earth is sometimes very succinct.

Since ancient times, juniper branches have been burned during epidemics in homes as well as in the streets.