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Science is always looking for validation of these creations and this is one of the most delicate things, we can see it every day in the news. Empiricism* is regaining value because more and more people are listening to their bodies again and can appreciate the virtues of Gemmotherapy even if its action can take a little time, depending on the receptivity of each person. 

However, we are looking for different ways to validate or provide clues that can help us improve the compositions of the mother macerates.

Below you will find the test results from Bio-Electronique Vincent. They show us that all the products tested have a very good life force and that Heather with an RH2 of 10 is particularly beneficial for health.

These tests were carried out completely independently by the Bio-Electronique Vincent association, whom I warmly thank for their work in studying and transmitting this knowledge.

To summarize the principle of these tests:

A liquid is characterized by the measurements of three physicochemical parameters:

The acid-base potential (pH, values ​​from 0 to 14), which indicates the richness or poverty of hydrogen protons (H+),

The oxidor-reducing power (rH2, values ​​from 0 to 42), revealing the richness or poverty of electrons (e-), and,

The more or less high concentration of electrolytes indicating the greater or lesser ability to resist the passage of electric current (the resistivity rô, or ρ, measured in This last value is also an indicator of the richness or poverty of mineral salts, molecules or ions in solution.

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