The Gemmessence laboratory offers you the opportunity to participate in the financing of its new projects, including the purchase of new land and all costs related to plantations, the new laboratory and its new large conservatory of medicinal plants. This conservatory will be a place of production for medicinal products but also a meeting place around plants, health and nature.

Located in a green setting, it will be part of the cultivated biodiversity, in space and time, to perpetuate and transmit the passion for medicinal plants.

You can participate either in the form of sponsorship or with compensation  with Gemmessence Gemmotherapy.

Gemmessence subscription

The Gemmessence Laboratory invites you to take out a subscription  which entitles you to  a discount on the entire site.

For 100 euros per year you will have 20% discount on each purchase. Each unit at 23 euros will only cost 18.60 euros.

The Gemmessence subscription is valid for a full year and is not automatically renewable, it must be renewed to be renewed.